Exterior Light Fixtures

Update 06/06/2013: The original front/side exterior light fixtures are no longer available (rear light fixtures are still available).

Repaint Existing Light Fixtures

If you want to repaint your existing light fixtures please use Rust-Oleum Expresso (brown), satin finish, spray paint which can be purchased at Home Depot. You will have to take the fixtures down and remove the glass before you spray them.

New Standard Light Fixtures

Any homeowners wishing to replace their exterior lights must replace them with one from the new standards.  The following new light fixtures were approved by Reston Association on 3/8/2011 and 3/7/2018.

All light fixtures can be found online or can be purchased locally at:

Lamps Unlimited 
1362 Chain Bridge Road
McLean, VA 22010

Or go to their store, order and pick the fixtures up from there or you can have them ship the fixtures directly to your house. They will provide a two-year warranty on your light fixtures.

To view the approved light fixtures, please reference the file below. 

File Uploaded